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Contenido de la denuncia : “AliExpress” FRAUDE ABSOLUTO / ABSOLUTE SCAM

El mes de octubre pasado compré en Aliexpress un aparato Egreat R6S. Funcionó menos de una semana y desde entonces está estropeado.
El vendedor se desentiende completamente del problema. Acudo a Aliexpress y despues de 2 meses de buenas palabras, han dejado de contestarme.
He perdido mi dinero y estoy completamente indefenso. ¡NUNCA VUELVAN A COMPRAR EN ALIEXPRESS/ALIBABA !, o les puede suceder a Vds. lo mismo…

Estos son los 2 últimos mensajes que envié a Aliexpress (Por supuesto sin recibir contestación):


On last October I purchased in Aliexpress an Egreat R6S device.
It worked less than a week and since then it has been damaged.
The seller ignored the problem completely. Then I went to to Aliexpress and after 2 months of kind words, they no longer answer me.

I lost my money and I am completely helpless.
Or it can happen the same thing to you…
These are the last 2 messages sent from me to Aliexpress (Of course without answering them):


Dear Christine,

I have not heard from you … for more than 1 month ago!
On December 2, 2013, you said to me … “Don’t worry, the Case Management Specialist will mediate your case within 7-10 days. They will be sending you notifications and updates about your concern.”…
Time has gone by, and nobody has contacted me yet.

I still own an expensive device which does not work at all, and your “reliable” seller does’nt even condescends to answer me.

After these Christmas holidays, I insist again on this subject, because I really need to buy this device (EGREAT-R6S) and I will be forced to do so out of your platform AliExpress, as I cannot take the risk to contact a “seller” who abuses your sales system to defraud customers.

Please, I beg you a quick solution to my problem.

Jesus Cao

Dear Sirs,

We notify you that, starting next February 1, is our intention to
launch a vast information campaign across the Web, in order to fully
explain the severe risks involved in make purchases using your
AliExpress / Alibaba platform.

Yours Truly,
Jesus Cao

Extraigan ustedes sus propias conclusiones. / Take your own conclusions.

Enviado por : Jesus Cao
Su correo : No se muestra

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